The Girl Behind the Blog


Hi! I’m Sharon, serial entrepreneur, cat lover, salsa dancer, Starbucks fanatic, martini drinker, and now a blogger. Nice to meet you! Well, sort of. I guess what I mean is thanks for stopping by my blog!

So I started this blog because I want to document my journey into Mary Kay.  I feel like I have something to offer others, so I’ve decided to use this venue to do so. I encourage any and all comments! BUT! They must be respectful. I’m an avid blog reader, and I’ve seen some pretty nasty comments out in the blogosphere from people who have a very passionate opinion. It’s okay to say what you feel, but for reals, lets keep it respectful around here.

Here I will document everything and anything that I experience with Mary Kay. At the point of this entry, I have not yet signed up with them. So if I end up $20k in the hole, or end up taking $20k to the bank, I’ll be letting everyone here know about it! So thanks for stopping by. I hope this is a fun journey for all of us.



I also started a mom blog that is dedicated to the direct sales industry as a whole! Please visit me over at Mompreneur CEO for product testimonials, tips of the trade, and stories of your everyday mom’s who’ve created lucrative careers for themselves with home businesses!






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