Opening Pandora’s Box (aka my Schrödinger’s cat experiment)

Anyone who is not living under a rock is most likely aware of the most awesome sitcom since Friends – The Big Bang Theory! And any such person is probably also aware of a delightfully quirky character named Sheldon Cooper, my second favorite character on said show (Penny is just too adorable not to be number 1!).

Bonus! One example of Sheldon Cooper: Leonard: You’ll never guess what just happened. Sheldon: You went out in the hallway, stumbled into an inter-dimensional portal, which brought you 5,000 years into the future, where you took advantage of the advanced technology to build a time machine, and now you’re back, to bring us all with you to the year 7010, where we are transported to work at the think-a-torium by telepathically controlled flying dolphins? Leonard: No. Penny kissed me. Sheldon: Who would ever guess that?

Well, if you’re not familiar with the theory of Schrödinger’s cat, here is a delightful clip of my two favorite characters explaining the concept. For a no-frills experience, the actual explanation starts at 2:40. Actually, with Sheldon there’s no such thing as ‘no frills’, sorry. But that’s where the most amount of frills will be behind you.

penny-and-sheldon-penny-and-sheldon-8740720-500-300If you’d rather not watch this hilarious clip, imagine this: There is a sealed box that contains a cat and a vial of poison that will be opened and released at a random time. Since no one knows when or if the poison has been released, until the box is opened, the cat can be thought of as both alive and dead.

Just like Schrödinger’s cat, right now my Mary Kay business can be thought of as both a failure and a success. It is only by opening the box, that I’ll find out which it will be.

Ugh. Okay, enough of me being philosophical about makeup.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have received The Box! My official Mary Kay Box of secret ingredients that is intended to jump start my career to the stars! Or so they say.

starter kitstarter kit 2Actually, receiving this box is quite exciting! Anything that is new usually brings with it some level of excitement and curiosity for the future.

Taking everything out was scary because I was afraid I’d never get it all back in there so nice and neat. But it sure was fun to look at how much stuff I got! Almost $500 worth of products and business supplies for a sale price of $75 (September’s start-up discount; regular price $100). I recently joined a direct sales Facebook page and have learned that many people purchase starter kits from all kinds of DS companies just to get all the stuff the comes in it for a cheap price! That never even occurred to me, but I like the idea! Origami Owl, Scentsy, and Jamberry are all great companies that come to mind with that idea!


I think my favorite part was this SUPER cute bag that’s going to be great to carry everything to my parties. Yeah, can I get two of these, please??

So here’s to possibilities and new experiences!  Now where’s my martini?



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