How it all started


Three years ago (2011) I was at the Starbucks in Corona, probably enjoying an iced White Mocha or a Passion Tea Lemonade, while I killed some time before having to go somewhere. Settled nicely on one of their couches and reveling in their comfortable, air conditioned environment, I noticed the party at a table next to me. There was a woman, along with two 20-something girls. It was a Mary Kay meeting. The woman, whose name I learned is Patty, had already recruited one of them, and she had brought her friend to see Patty because she wanted to know more about the business opportunity. I don’t remember exactly what I heard but I remember being interested in the conversation, and I LOVED Patty’s Mary Kay bag. (Something about me – usually, if it’s pink, I want it!)

Once the girls had finished up and left, Patty noticed me and asked me something, probably to the effect of whether or not I had ever tried Mary Kay before. I had just finished up working full time for a direct sales company in Corona called Safety Pro. I know pretty much everything there is to know about direct sales. My experience at that company will probably be an entire post on its own. I enjoy and prefer being self employed (and actually that’s because of my experience at Safety Pro), and so I gave her my attention while she talked to me about her Mary Kay experience.

When we walked outside I noticed she was driving a Mary Kay car, a nice-looking sedan. She told me all about their free car program. This was her third one! We exchanged information and promised to keep in touch. At the time I was working part time at a local hotel earning less than $200/week. It was definitely not the time for me to be investing in a new business.

And keep in touch, we did. About once a year or so she would send me an email just to check in. About three months ago, she sent another one of those messages to me. She asked if we could get together and I agreed. We chatted business over some iced coffee and passion tea. She is such a pleasant and wonderful person, mostly I agreed to meet up with her because I like her personality. She’s true, genuine, and down to earth. She’s passionate about what she does, and she is very successful with her business. I also noticed when I pulled up in the parking lot that she is now driving a Mary Kay SUV – her 5th free car!

I told her it still was not a good time for me to get started. Now I’m working part time as a fit model for Torrid, and going to school full time. Still…earning about $200/week. That’s embarrassing. 31 years old…still working part time…still no career…still earning beans. UGH.

Last Friday I went to a little Mary Kay get-together at her house. How much fun it was! Hanging out with women, talking about makeup, and I even acted as their face model for the tutorial her upline was doing, so I got a free makeup sesh! Her director is FABULOUS.

Mary Kay is having a little sale on their starter kits this month. $75 instead of $100. I’m starting this blog because I feel like this may be the right time for me. We shall see!

Thanks so much for reading. πŸ™‚

❀ ❀ ❀


48 thoughts on “How it all started

  1. I have been thinking about doing this but with a vitamin/supplement company. I am a little scared to get myself into the whole sales part of it but maybe I should just ignore my doubts and jump into it anyways!


    • A lot of people are intimidated about the sales. But what you will see is that it has more to do with simply talking about something that you really love, and not so much trying to work hard at convincing people. Good luck if you get started with them!


  2. Sounds like a great fit! All the best! And no need to feel embarrassed! I know what it’s like but it’s tough to find your passion and I think it’s great that you are still searching and not settling!


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